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Project 1: "Enhancing the reintegration efforts for victims of trafficking in Albania"

The specific Objectives:

- To offer comprehensive reintegration services to girls and women victims of trafficking in Albania - new and on-going cases
- To extend the reintegration assistance to male victims of trafficking
- To increase efforts for economic empowerment of victims of trafficking in Albania.
- To contribute enhance the capacities of local actors for providing reintegration assistance

Period: 18 Months


Project 2: "Providing Sustainable Reintegration Assistance for Albanian Victims of Trafficking and those in risk of being trafficked"

The goal of the project: To provide a full range of reintegration services to Albanian victims of trafficking, thus helping them to recover from the abuses they have suffered.

Specific Objectives:

- To provide quality reintegration services to Albanian victims of trafficking.
- To contribute to the sustainability of the reintegration services to Albanian former victims of trafficking.
- To contribute to the implementation of the Albanian National Strategy to Fight Trafficking in Human Beings, and of the National Referral Mechanism.
- To contribute enhance the Albanian local capacities for coordinated provision of assistance.
- Advocacy and Lobbing .

Period: ongoing



Project 3: "Trafficking vulnerabilities and risk factors: Preventing trafficking and supporting safe migration and resiliency in Albanian, Bosnian, Kosovare, Macedonian and Serbian communities"

In this project D&E is partner with FAFO Institute for Applied International Studies (Norway), and NEXUS Institute (Washington).

Period: 2 years


Project 4:“Enhancing the rights of victims of trafficking in Albania – Ending Stigma”

First phase of the project: April – June 2012

Second phase of the project: September 2012 - August 2013
Donor: US Embassy in Tirana


The goal of the project:

The project aims to protect and enhance the rights of victims of trafficking in Albania by addressing the issue of stigma and victim blaming.

 The Specific Objectives:

  • To increase the community knowledge on trafficking phenomenon, aiming to fight the stigmatization against victims of trafficking.
  • To increase the level of involvement of Albanian community to support VoT reintegration.
  • To facilitate the reintegration process of victims of trafficking in Albanian society.


Project activities:
First phase:

  1. Creating the photo novella of a victim of trafficking story
  • Workshops and community forums Tiranë, Elbasan dhe Vlorë
  • Workshops with high school pupils
  • Community forums
  • Employer Awareness Workshops
  • National workshop organized with partners and anti –trafficking stakeholders in Albania 

Second phase:

  • Production of awareness raising materials like leaflet, poster.
  1. Workshops and community forums in Berat, Durres, Lezha
  • Workshops with high school pupils
  • Community forums
  • Employer Awareness Workshops
  • A final workshop organized with anti –trafficking stakeholders in Albania 


Project 5:  “Supporting the Reintegration Center for Albanian Victims of Trafficking”

Project period: May – June 2012

Project activities:

  1. Purchasing new kitchen utensils for Reintegration Center
  2. Support for art therapy sessions provided for D&E beneficiaries
  3. Support for entertainment activities for the children of VoT


Donor: TWIG

Project 6:“Follow on Anti –Trafficking Efforts – Strengthening Albanian Anti – trafficking”

Project period:  January - September 2012

The goal of the project: 
The provision of reintegration grants for VoT to support their reintegration in community.

The Specific Objectives:

  • To facilitate the reintegration process of D&E beneficiaries.
  • To support D&E beneficiaries to be empowered economically and increase their independence.
  • To increase the abilities of the beneficiaries to open and manage their own businesses.

The businesses opened under the project for D&E beneficiaries:

  1. Pie shop
  2. Used clothing shop
  3. Hairdressing shop
  4. Mini-market
  5. Tailoring

Donor: IOM


Project 7: “Center for Educational Activities for Victims of Trafficking”

The goal of the project

To provide the means for a sustainable and successful reintegration of the Albanian Victims of Trafficking through skills trainings and educational activities

The specific objectives

  • Create a professional and safe environment for facilitating the process of skills learning for victims of trafficking in Albania
  • Provide psychosocial support and therapy for victims of trafficking and their children
  • Develop new resources for the reintegration of Victims of trafficking.
  • Contribute to awareness raising and reduce the prejudice experienced by former victims of trafficking


Project activities:

  1. Training Courses for the beneficiaries
  2. Art therapy for the beneficiaries
  • Decorative handmaid work
  1. Guitar Courses
  2. Psychosocial individual counseling and group counseling
  3. Educational sessions with victims of trafficking
  4. Meeting and information sessions with family members of VoT
  • The book club
  • Home cinema
  1. Celebration of fiestas, parties, birthdays for victims of trafficking and their children
  • Trainings for the staff  with experts in different fields
  • Summer Schools for the beneficiaries
  • Anti stigma activities and community  information sessions
  • Organize awareness raising activities with the target groups that are in risk of trafficking
  1. Coaching for employment
  2. Income generating activities
  • Legal assistance and information on the human rights

Donor: IBVM( Loreto)


Annual Report 2011

Annual Report

Study on the Social Economic
Reintegration of Victims of
Trafficking in Albania




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